05th December 2023

Trialphametics Errata

As of the time of this announcement, there are no known errors in the 100 puzzles in the first edition. However a minor error has been identified in the meta puzzle. This error has been rectified in the latest edition by replacing some of the puzzles in the book. Readers …
13th October 2022

Tri-Alphametics Volume One for sale

I am pleased to announce we have published our first book! Full of challenging 'tri-alphametic' logic puzzles, there is also a hidden 'meta puzzle'. Not for the faint-hearted, there is a cash prize for solving this puzzle. Grab your copy today, only $20, with part of the …
21st January 2021

Hex released

We have released a new game - Hex. Play the classic game in your browser on a variety of different board shapes and sizes. Hex
19th January 2021

Computation Workshops

Gusty Games is pleased to announce the arrival of monthly Computation Workshops. These will be run in Christchurch, New Zealand, but the problems will be posted on our website, so anyone interested can take part. The workshops are a place for recreational mathematicians and …
17th December 2019

Jailbreak released on mobile

Today Jailbreak comes to an android device near you. Another puzzle game, but this time you are a prisoner trying to evade the guards and escape from jail.
18th December 2018

Try our series of challenges

As well as apps to download on your mobile, on our website you will also find a series of challenges. We will be adding more of these over time. Do you have what it takes to solve them all? Try the challenges.
16th June 2018

Snaggletooth released on mobile

The hard-working developers at Gusty Games have released their first mobile app today - Snaggletooth. This is a 2D sliding block puzzle game, which is fun to play, and can get quite challenging. Available on Google Play and the Apple App …
23rd January 2018

Snaggletooth - Coming Soon

Our first mobile app will be launching soon - Snaggletooth! This is a 2D sliding block puzzle game, which is fun to play, and can get quite challenging. Play the online demo